Friday, August 10, 2012

Weeds on Showtime: Happily Ever After?

The show appears to be resolving the issues of the various characters and heading towards a happily-ever-after ending.  Or is it all just red herrings.
Nancy appears to be staying in the drug business, but now it’s the legal drug business.  She dumped a few bales of weed into the neighbor’s wood chipper—she felt like she needed to be free of the deadly-reefer drug. Her oldest son Silas, had all the plants in his grow house stolen.  So the family is fresh out of the “Mary-Jane.

Nancy meets a man while attending Stevie’s (her youngest son) soccer game. He helps her get a job at his drug firm. Wouldn’t you know it, they are developing synthetic marijuana, so Nancy is right in her element. She gets Silas a job there as a researcher  which is another perfect fit. The two of them appear to be going legit. It could mean a happily-ever-after future for them both.

Andy and Jill had a falling out.  Andy had sex with a babe at the skating rink, and so to get even, Jill had sex with Doug. (Ewww.) However, it appears that they have decided to let bygones be bygones, and they are back together. So Andy will possibly marry the sister of his dead brother’s wife. Jill is a handful and Andy is lust-addled—so will this be happily- ever-after for them? Maybe.

Shane, nancy’s middle son, seems set on a career as a policeman, and he is dating a little cutie that he met at the police academy. This could definitely be happily-ever-after.

We are left only with a finding a man for Nancy. I thought her second husband, the DEA agent ,might resurface. But lately she has been getting friendly with her next door neighbor.  Friendly, but not too friendly. He is a rabbi and does not engage in recreational sex. He appears to be a good, gentle, and understanding man. He may be just what Nancy needs.  But does he need her—she’s a wild and crazy gal. But, it would bring the story full circle. Nancy is a shiksa who married a Jewish man and now she might marry another Jewish man, a rabbi, no less.  This could be the happily-ever-after for Nancy.