Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Newsroom on HBO: Stephen Colbert and Will McAvoy

I was watching the Stephen Colbert Show from Tuesday, August 7 on my DVR last night and was surprised to see Stephen make reference to Will McAvoy. 

Stephen was doing a segment about how one reporter at a time is allowed to follow Mitt Romney around as he pretends to shop at a home improvement warehouse store and a supermarket. Stephen said the “hard-nosed Will McAvoy types will say this is just mindless campaign fluff to run out the clock until the conventions.” 

(And Stephen is right—it is mindless campaign fluff. Is anyone is going to believe that anyone as rich as Mitt actually does his own shopping?  And that he has time for such mundane tasks while running for president?)

It is an interesting crossover—the fictional commentator talking about the fictional news anchor.  Stephen was referring to McAvoy’s vow to only cover “real news” and not the made-for-TV photo ops and the sensationalist stories.  It is especially pertinent reference because Sunday’s show (8/12/12) is scheduled to deal with this very subject.  Will refuses to cover what he calls” tragedy porn.”

Now that Will has been on The Stephen Colbert show, will he get the famous “Colbert bump”?

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