Thursday, August 16, 2012

Web Therapy Episode 7 Infanticipation

Are the men in Fiona’s life deliberately trying to annoy her?  The self-centered Fiona might think so.

Her assistant Jerome has hired a surrogate to bear a child for him and his wife. The surrogate, played by Selma Blair ,is pregnant with triplets, and she is in the office.  Since Jerome works from an office in Fiona’s home that means she is in Fiona’s home.  Turns out she is making herself at home wandering about the house and getting into things at will.  For instance, Fiona’s lingerie drawer.

Naturally, Fiona is none too happy about this. She reads Jerome the riot act. First, h how could he and his wife decide to have a baby without consulting with her, Fiona. This is followed by the demand that Jerome’s family had better not interfere with his work.  And finally, she demands that the surrogate not be allowed into her home.

As usual, everyone is talking past each other. It’s like three separate simultaneous monologues. This is something very common on the show. Fiona and many of the other characters are each wrapped up in their own little world that only peripherally touch the worlds of the others.

Fiona’s next conversation is with Ben, the man who is running the campaign for her husband, Kip, who is running for Congress. One of the plot arcs of the show is about Kip being a closeted gay man.  After 17 years marriage Fiona has only recently discovered this.. In this episode, it is slowly, and hilariously, revealed through Ben’s conversation with Fiona that Kip and Ben are having an affair. 
Fiona is intent on being “first lady.”  Ben points out to her that even if Kip wins the election, she will not be first lady. The wives of Congressmen are not first ladies. Facts don’t matter to the self-obsessed Fiona; she already sees herself as first lady. I don’t think she is going to allow this affair ruin her chances of being first lady. Will the grandly manipulative Fiona, who always gets what she wants, be able to prevail once again?

Well, there is always Austen. Will Fiona be able keep Austen under her spell?  I can’t wait to find out.

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