Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Showtime Episodes #207 Big Screw-Ups

Matt LeBlanc is big. A running joke in the series concerns Matt’s large equipment in the crotchal area. In this episode while filming a scene, Sean and Bev notice a bulge which they attribute to the aforesaid equipment. They send the director over to direct him to adjust his equipment. It turns out that the bulge is the result of Matt stuffing his pockets full of what appear to be peanut M&M’s and what appears to be a giant size bar of Almond Joy. Candy is removed; crisis is averted.

Matt has indeed been growing larger—at the waist, not below the waist. He’s feeling depressed about no longer being the big star of the show--he was demoted from the central character on “Pucks” to a peripheral character on the show. He’s over-eating. The producer, Merc, and the others are calling a Matt a “chunk.”

Bev and Sean are sent to speak to Matt about his weight. It always seems to fall to them to play nanny to Matt. Matt is offended and gets even more depressed. He gets so super sensitive that he images his lover, Jaime (who is also Merc’s wife), tinds him unattractive. She assures him that her ardor is not diminished even a tiny bit. Matt won’t accept her assurances, they end of having a fight, and Jaime leaves, Now Matt is alone more depressed than ever--he sitting on the couch methodically consuming what appears to be an entire cheesecake.

And, here is where Matt screws up big, really big. He craves some “love” to boost his deflated ego. He makes a phone call and the next thing we know, his stalker, Labia, is at the door being ushered into the apartment. For years he has tried to discourage Labia from forcing her unwanted attentions on him after a long-ago one-night stand. But now, Matt is craving love, and perhaps feeling a bit self-destructive, and the ever- eager Labia is there to provide the comfort he needs.

Bev is also screwing up. She has agreed to go on a date with Morning’s brother, Rob. She is so nervous about her first date after her ten years of marriage that she is screwing up the date with a little help from various intrusions. Not to worry, Rob is a really nice guy, and he offers Bev a do-over—another “first date” the following night.

When Bev tells Sean she is on a date, you can read his shock on his face. It looks like he is realizing for the first time Bev might actually be moving on. I think he expected her to just wait patiently and faithfully for him to get over his funk about her one-time sexual infidelity with Matt. He thought he had total control. Perhaps, he is just now realizing that he has screwed up big, and he may actually lose Bev.

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