Monday, August 6, 2012

Episodes 206 I Can't Do This Anymore

Since "Episodes" does not use titles, I will make up my own title for episode 206 (season 2, episode 6):  “I Can’t Keep Doing This.”  
We get to see more of Labia, Matt’s stalker, in this episode. A whole lot more. And there is a whole lot to see. 

Matt arrives home to find Labia in his kitchen. She got into the house through an open laundry room window. Knowing Matt’s history, you would expect sex to ensue. But, Matt doesn’t want to do this anymore. He demands that the naked Labia put her clothes on and leave.

Trying the sympathy ploy, Labia says, “I have cancer.”  Matt says, “You had cancer.”  I think we are going to learn that Labia is no longer in remission before the season is out.

Matt tries to recruit his “friends” from “Friends” to appear on “Pucks.”  He calls all five of her former co-stars. We only hear Matt’s end of the conversation, but apparently he has been quite obnoxious with each of them.  And apparently, appearing on a TV show with Matt is something the friends won’t do any more. 

In the finally scene, Sean and Beverly are working late. They are trying to write a speech for Matt to give at an award ceremony for Merc. They are having a really hard time coming up with something nice to say. They find a bottle of liquor in someone’s office and appropriate it, hoping they will find inspiration in the bottle. Instead they get tipsy.

One thing leads to another and they end up having sex on a desk. They are going at it hot and heavy, while murmuring how much they have missed being together.  (Well, they work together every day, but they have not been together in this one special way since they split.up.)  Suddenly Sean stops.  He says “I can’t stop seeing you with him.”  And then as he walks out he says, “I can’t do this anymore.”

I’m sure they will get back together eventually. For one thing, this is TV. For another, they are so good together. They fit together like two matched pieces of a jig saw puzzle.    They genuinely like each other. They make each other laugh. They react to the world in the same way. 

Beverly turned down an opportunity to take up with Morning’s very hot brother who was who she met on the set. She tells Carol that she is saving herself for Sean. She even tells Sean that there has been no one else because she is saving herself for him. It may turn out that she can’t do this anymore. The “this” being hoping and waiting for Sean to forgive her.

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