Sunday, September 2, 2012

Showtime Weeds Episode 809 “Saplings”

Season 8, episode 9, only three more to come before we leave the Botwins forever.  Make the most of it. I watch each episode twice every week. 

Episode 809 is named “Saplings.” It refers to a line in the show about bending the sapling so it will grow in the desired way. Nancy says she had no luck bending the sapling. Of course she did! Silas grows weed and Shane is embarking on a life of crime. Both act to satisfy their desires heedless of risks. I’d say the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Doug managed to get one resident into his homeless shelter, and he figured he was home free. Only the next day, the social worker shows up with a whole tribe of homeless, gathered from the overflow of every shelter in a 100 mile radius. These people are now all Doug’s, and they are an ornery lot. He’s got to keep them happy, or he’ll slip below 85% occupancy, lose everything, and probably go to jail. But Doug will work it out. He and Nancy—they are both survivors.

Silas does not like working for Big Pharma, so he is very receptive when s Big Tobacco comes calling. They want to set him up in an extra-legal grow-lab so they will be ready as soon as marijuana is made legal. Silas and the tobacco company rep seal the deal with a handshake over Nancy’s objections. The most ominous moment of the week is when Nancy asks what happens if Silas get caught and the tobacco company guy says,“Then this meeting never happened.”

By the way, the tobacco company has a mock-up of the marijuana ciggies package.  The brand is “Kemo Sabes.”  A cute name, right?  It means “my friends.” The “Duh-how-could-I-missed-that moment of the week occurs when Nancy points out the “Kemo Sabes” sounds like chemotherapy. Not exactly the connotation tobacco company would want.   

The I-know just-how-she-feels moment of the week is when Nancy says to Silas, “I know you are an adult, but I’m still your mother” as she tries to dissuade Silas from joining up with Big Tobacco. Sigh!

Shane takes one of the impounded cars out for a joy ride and invites Angela, his new lady-friend who is also a cop (They met at the police academy) to hop in for a ride. The license plate reads “Ice P” so we know they are headed for trouble. Soon they are parked and loving it up. Unfortunately, they are spotted by members of Ice P’s gangwho recognize the car . They steal Angela’s gun, and throw both of them half-naked out of the car as they repossess the vehicle and drive off. Someone is gonna have some ‘splaining to do.

Rabbi Dave got it on with Nancy in the last episode and the Hebrew school boys are all abuzz with the gossip about the rabbi diddling a goy under the ark. Dave confesses to Andy that it is true, except it was in his office, not under the ark.  This is the that-makes-it-all-good-then moment of the week. Rabbi Dave, Andy, and one of the Hebrew school boys all head to a waffle restaurant for a heart-to-heart.

Andy tells Dave not to feel guilty about his tryst with Nancy. There’s no covenant against it in Judaism, he says, “as long as it is not with a child, or a donkey, or a Gibbonite, according to Deuteronomy.”  He also warns Dave that Nancy hasn’t truly loved anyone since Judah dies.  Dave plaintively asks, “Do you think she’s capable of loving someone.”  Andy doesn’t know the answer.  I think the rabbi has fallen hard. There is a glimmer of hope that Nancy has some feelings for him too.

Jill has left town and Andy soul searching.  He wants to resign from the “girl-of-the –month club and settle down. Andy notices the pretty girl-next-door waitress iwith the bubbly personality.  She’s sweet, she’s adorable, and Andy knows he has met “The One.”  They get hitched at City Hall that very day.

"Saplings" is a perfectly good name for this episoe, but I am going to name it “Kemo Sabes” because, in a way, everyone has fond new friends.
I noticed that the opening song “Ticky-Tacky” has calmed down a lot to a more normal tempo and volume.  Perhaps that is an indication that the Botwins are calming down also.

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