Thursday, January 17, 2013

Homeland Took It All

by Catherine Giordano

I told you that Showtime’s “Homeland” is the best drama on premium cable TV.  The Golden Globes concurs.

      “Homeland” won for best TV series/drama. It also won last year for Season One.

Claire Danes (portraying Homeland’s Carrie Mathison) won for best actor/drama. She also won last year for Season Two.

Damian Lewis (portraying Homeland’sNick Body) won for best actor/drama. It’s his first win.

We have a long wait for Season Three—it won’t begin until the fall of 2013. 

Most likely Saul Berenson (portrayed by Mandy Patinkin) will become director of the CIAnow that Estes and practically everyone else at the CIA died in the car bomb explosion at the end of Season Two. They believe in doing things big on “Homeland.”

The show-runners revealed that Brody will be presumed to have been in the car when it exploded so he will be presumed dead. This should give him and Carrie a little breathing room as they try to clear Brody’s name.

In Season Two, we learned that there is a mole in the CIA. Is the mole responsible for moving Brody’s car and rigging the bomb?

Carried will be under a lot of pressure in Season Three, even more than in the previous seasons, if that is even possible. She will have this deep secret concerning Brody. She will have been promoted within the CIA with a lot more responsibility. And remember she still has to deal with her bipolar disorder.

Homeland took it all at the Golden Globes.  Now where will Homeland take us in Season Three? Will they blow us all away again and take in all once again in 2013?

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