Thursday, January 10, 2013

He's Gone

by Catherine Giordano

I’m missing Showtime’s “Dexter” as I wait for Season 8 to begin sometime later this year.  So I decided to do a little fan fiction. 

This is my account of a scene from Season 7, episode 10.  It took only a minute to play on screen. In my recap of this moment, I include only a few lines of dialogue. Most of what I have written was conveyed by the actors conveyed with facial expression and body language.

He's Gone

Dexter and Hannah sat a small table in front of Hannah’s modest home. It was almost Christmas, but in Miami the morning sun was warm. Hannah’s shoulder length blond hair fluttered a bit in the breeze. She gazed into Dexter’s face. At 36, he was ten years older than her, but he looked like the boy next door, his short brown hair framing his handsome face, his blue eyes showing glints of green in the morning sun.

They had finished breakfast, but were lingering over a second cup of coffee. They werenewly lovers and like new lovers everywhere, they wanted to postpone the moment when they would have to leave each other and go to their jobs.

Hannah said, “I tried to meet with my father yesterday to give him the money he demanded. He never showed up.” Hannah did not know if she should feel relieved or worried.

“Don’t worry about your father,” Dexter said. “I had a talk with him. He won’t be bothering you anymore.”

“He’s gone?” Hannah asked.

The thought that Dexter might have done something drastic to her father troubled her. She knew Dexter was a killer, but she also knew that Dexter had a “code.” He only killed people who had killed others. Her father was a cruel, self-centered, and emotionally abusive man, but he had never killed anyone.

Her father was blackmailing her about the murders she had committed in the past, but she she could not kill her own father. She had explicitly explained this to Dexter and told Dexter he was not to kill her father either. He was a bad father, but still he was her father. She pushed the troubling thought from her mind.

“He won’t bother you again,” Dexter repeated.

Hannah looked directly at Dexter and raised her hands slowly to touch his cheeks. “I love you,” she said.

Dexter heard those words as if they had come from a far distance, as if they were slow-motion bullets traversing the air to penetrate his heart. The room was a blur except for Hannah’s face. His throat constricted; he could hardly breathe. It seemed to him like a very long time before he spoke.

When he finally spoke, he felt like he had to physically push each word up his throat and out of his mouth.

“I think … I love you too,” he said. He realized that it was the first time in his life that he had ever spoken those words and meant them. He knew then that this was a moment that would change his life. He was not sure that he welcomed this change.

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