Monday, September 3, 2012

Showtime Weeds #810 “It’s In Their Blood”

The Ticky-Tacky song, that plays each week during the opening credits, a unique version of the song each week, sounded a bit soulful this week and was definitely more mellow than in recent weeks. Does it portend good things for the Botwins?
Nancy is invited to Shabbos dinner by Rabbi Dave to meet his friends. This is an important event so Nancy has to find just the right outfit and accessories (e.g. shoes). Nancy usually lets it all hang out, but for this dinner she wisely chooses something more conservative--a brown high-necked sheath dress. (Is it tobacco brown?)
During this dinner she discovers that Rabbi Dave has only been a widow for 15 months.  This scares Nancy off. She feels that it is too soon for Rabbi Dave to form a new relationship because it took her much longer to get over the death of her husband Judah. When she gets home, Andy asks her how the evening went. She says “Good shoes, bad timing.”  I’m renaming this episode “Good Shoes, Bad Timing” just because I I think it sounds deep and profound.  Also, because there is a lot of bad timing going on in the Botwin household.
On the previous episode, Andy married a young lady he had only met that day. I think he felt like I felt when I got married—he just didn’t want to date anymore. Things are not working out that well. The lady is 22 years old and sweet, but she is a bit of a child bride.  She married Andy because she thought it would be a fun thing to do. The you sure-know-how-to-hurt-a-guy moment of the week is when Andy’s bride says, “You remind me of my father.” Andy realizes that this marriage is not going to last past day two. (I don’t think the marriage has even been consummated, although that would be unusual for Andy who usually consummates within hours if not minutes.)  Bad timing—in that Andy was born at least 20 years after the date of his bride’s birth.
Silas wants to take his plants from the lab where he has been working so he can develop them for his new tobacco industry partner. He makes a late night visit to the lab and bad timing—he is caught.  He has to leave the plants behind and he is fired.
Shane and Angela had a bit of bad timing in the last episode when Ice P’s gang discovered them driving around in Ice P’s car. Ice P’s guys liberated the car and left the two rookie cops by the side of the road. But Shane and Angela have some good timing this week when they find the car. The two gang members are involved in some homo-erotic activities so they don’t see Shane and Angela.  Shane tases them with possibly disastrous consequence for the “bottom.”  (There’s something about that car that makes everyone who rides in it romantically inclined.)
Doug has taken all his homeless people to a motel where they are doing some loud group therapy.  He’s doing the positive thinking shtick . A motel employee, a young woman, comes to the door to tell them to keep the noise down and ends up joining the group. Is her arrival some good timing for Doug?  Will Cupid’s arrow strike? (No double-entendre intended.)
The tobacco people have given Shane $350,000 to start developing marijuana for them.  No contract, just a handshake, because a handshake is all the good-ol-boys in South Carolina need.  (And besides they can’t be associated with the venture.) The tobacco guy explains that no one has ever gone back on a handshake before. But none of them had ever met Nancy before. She has plans for that money and it doesn’t involve Big Tobacco. The money has arrived just in the nick of time. She wants to return to Agrestic, California, back where our story began.  Her plan is to do medical marijuana the right way. Sell the marijuana without the pharmaceutical setting, sell it in a boutique.  Perhaps she’ll add some candles, and music, and arty stuff.
One more episode and then we’ll have the one-hour series finale.  Weeds is out of time.

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