Monday, September 10, 2012

Web Therapy “Electile Dysfunction” Episode 211

“Electile Dysfunction” is a very clever and appropriate name for the season finale (Season 2 Episode 11) of “Web Therapy.” However, since I always like to rename the episodes in my reviews, I’ll name this one “The Worm Turns.” Fiona pretty much always gets her way, and this episode begins true to form, but by the end, Fiona is so battered that I almost feel sorry for her. I’d probably feel sorrier if I wasn’t laughing so much.

The episode opens with Fiona and a much calmer Newell. During the course of their conversation, we learn several things. Fiona has referred Newell to another therapist. Newell loves his new therapist; I mean really loves his new therapist. He has transferred his lustful fantasies onto the new therapist. Spoiler Alert: Fiona slowly reveals to Newell that the new therapist is Shevan, Fiona’s sister. Then bit by bit, she suggests that it was Shevan that he spied in the bedroom with his father. This is the two-birds-with-one stone moment of the week. She has struck out at Newell—he becomes very agitated again. She has struck out at Shevan, destroying her therapeutic relationship with Newell.

So far, so good for Fiona, but the people whom Fiona has treated like worms begin to turn on her. Fiona is angry with Robin because her old flame Richard is in love with her. (It is hard to see why Richard is in love with Robin, because she has nothing but withering insults for him) Robin announces that she has video tapes of Kip and Ben in “compromising positions.” She attempts blackmail and Fiona fires her.

Naturally, Robin releases the tapes, and Kip is forced to announce that he is suspending his campaign. Fiona must stand with him as he announces his love for Ben Just as in real life, the wife must always stand with her husband and be publically humiliated by the sex scandal.) Fiona stands slightly behind her husband—perhaps that is her little rebellion. I’d say she had a pained smile on her face, but with Fiona that is pretty much how she always looks. Fiona has lost this round.

In the next scene, Fiona’s assistant, Jerome, and his wife, Haley, announce that they have had a meeting with Lifetime, and the network plans to film Fiona’s autobiography as a musical. They describe some of the songs. The lyrics are totally derogatory. This will be a public humiliation for Fiona.

Wait it gets worse. Jerome is going to quit working for Fiona to devote his time to working for Dr. Hodge. We know Dr. Hodge as Fiona’s mother, Putsy. He will be helping Putsy set up her new business, “Net Therapy,” the business Fiona forbade her mother to start. Fiona is very upset to hear this news. Her mother has bested her again.

But it gets worse. Haley will be Jerome’s replacement working for Fiona. Fiona and Haley have a history. Fiona tried to stop Jerome from marrying her by hiding knives and razor blades in Haley’s carry-on bag so airport security would arrest her. And they did. And Haley is unforgiving.

No matter, Fiona reassures herself. She still has Austen. She calls Austen to tell him that Kip has left her, and now they can be together. Austen looks very uncomfortable, and then we find out why. Gina comes into the frame, sits on Austen’s lap, and announces that she is pregnant. Fiona is shocked and looks devastated.

Kip’s announcement of his decision to end his campaign has become a YouTube sensation, with over a million hits. His words have been auto-tuned. The video has been edited to make Kip and Fiona look ridiculous. Pictures have been spliced in. For instance, Kip is shown singing “I like it long and hard” and a picture of sausages on a grill comes up. (Perhaps, before the editing Kip had said, “I’ve worked long and hard.”)

At the end of the show, instead of the usual out-takes (as funny as the show itself), the YouTube video plays over and over. I found that the repetition made it funnier and funnier.

It was a great way to end the season—with Fiona’s comeuppance. But I am not worried by this turn of events. I expect Fiona will rebound back to her old self next season. After all, the show wouldn’t be any fun if Fiona wasn’t a manipulating bitch who crushes everyone who crosses her.

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