Friday, August 24, 2012

episodes on Showtime #208 Carol

My title for this episode is “There’s Something About Carol.”  Carol, at first was rather a cold fish, but I now find her very likeable.
She’s become good friends with Bev. They get together for girl talk, hikes in the mountains, and the occasional session with the giggle weed.

I think they are both lonely.  Bev is lonely because she’s English and doesn’t like living in America very much and she is separated from her husband Sean. ( She desperately wants him back.) Carol is lonely because she has been having a five-year dead-end affair with her boss, Merc. 

By the way, Merc is no way good enough for her. She is blond beautiful and classy; he reminds me of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. What does she see in him? I think he is just a bad habit.  A habit that she was ready to break.  A couple of episodes ago, she broke it off. It’s not clear if she kept her resolve; that question will apparently be resolved in the season finale on Sunday August 26. Stay strong, girl!

This week’s show posed a major dilemma for Carol. A network executive asks to meet with Carol alone. The network wants to fire Merc. Carol is shocked to learn that they have chosen her as his replacement. Here is where we see just how classy and inherently good she is. She is so loyal; she defends Merc. She tries to get the network executive to change his mind. She doesn’t appear to have been successful. I guess we will have to wait for the next episode to see how this dilemma works out.

Carol is played by the actress, Kathleen Rose Perkins.  Kathleen does a wonderful job with her role. We discover that office Carol who is cool-as-cucumber totally-in-control, unflappable and confident has another side.  When she is with Bev, she is vulnerable and sweet. She even has a different way of speaking when she is with Bev—less automaton, more human.

I’m trying to find the words to describe Carol.Perhaps this example of some dialogue from the show will give you the idea.

            Sean:            You told us not to worry about the ratings.

 Carol:            Yeaaaah (she drags out the vowel sound and pauses before continuing) you can start worrying now.
And I am nominating the above as the best-line-of-the-season moment. It's all about the way the actress delivers it.

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