Friday, August 31, 2012

Showtime Episodes Season 2 #9

The final episode of Season 2 aired on Sunday August 26.  “Episodes" doesn’t have names for their episodes, so I will name this episode, “It All Boils Over.”

The episode opens with Carol chasing down the information about Jaime and Matt’s affair. She literally chases it down, chasing Bev on the hiking trail, until Bev is forced to tell her. Then Bev adds that Matt is also getting it on with his stalker, Labia. Carol responds with her insult-three-birds-with-one-stone moment of the week when she says, “That guy will stick it anywhere.” Then she adds, “No offense.”  It’s a putdown of Jamie, Labia, and Carol who all got “stuck” by Matt.

The studio head, Elliott, has decided to fire Merc. In the last episode, Elliott offers the job to Carol. In this episode ,Carol turns the offer down because of her loyalty to Merc.  She later tells Merc, “I love you. I could never do that to you.”

Her decision may have been helped by Merc announcing to Carol that he will leave Jaime. He’s made this decision because he is hurt and angry when Carol tells him about Jamie’s affair with Matt. Carol has adroitly maneuvered him into this decision.

Merc is getting the “Man of the Year Award” at a gala dinner.  Merc, who doesn’t yet know that he is being fired, is giving a speech about how the industry is “family.” Shots of him standing at the podium giving his speech are juxtaposed with shots of workers packing up his office--a wonderfully effective juxtaposition.

The speech over, Merc is in the men’s room at the urinal. Matt just happens to be standing next to him. Merc starts checking Matt out; Matt gives him a look, and then Merc turns to face Matt, directing his stream at him. Matt runs out of the men’s room into the dining hall screaming that Merc has gone crazy. Here is where everything boils over. Merc attacks Matt and a brawling fist fight ensues. The men are rolling on the floor trading punches. Other men drag them apart and get them on their feet. Merc is struggling to break free from the men who are restraining him when he accidently Strikes Bev in the face by Merc. From across the room, Sean shouts, “Hey, that’s my wife.” He wants to join the fray to attack Merc, but Carol gets Merc to leave.

Merc is yelling that he is going to fire Matt and cancel "Pucks." Carol says, in that quiet understated way she has, “Yeah, about that, there’s something you need to know.” She drags him into a broom closet and tells him that he is going to be fired.

Later Carol is driving with Merc as a passenger, as she talks about their future together.  Merc tells her that he can’t leave his wife now, he has just lost his job, he can’t give her half of everything. Carol boils over. She stops the car and screams at Merc to get out. She’s so forceful that Merc leaves the car, and Carol drives off leaving him standing in the street in a pouring rainstorm. (It's always a pouring rainstorm in scenes like this.)   

As the episode ends, Bev and Sean are boiling over too; but in a good way. The love that they never stopped feeling for each other, the love that has been simmering all season, boils over. Sean realized how much he still cares for Bev when Bev was hit, and Bev was impressed with Sean for defending her. They kiss repeatedly.

The season ends with the closing credits and a voice-over of a gossip reporter explaining how Merc has left the network to spend more time with his family.
The Showtime website says "new season coming soon."  No date is given, I hope it really is soon. I love this show.


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