Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"True Blood" HBO #57 "Rule the World"

Episode #57:  “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”

The vampires are causing major mayhem throughout the world as well as within their own ranks. The Sanguinistas, who believe their God, Lilith, has ordained vampires to rule the world and that humans exist just for food have taken control of the vampire empire. Bill, who used to be the “good vampire”, has turned bad, and Eric, who used to be the “bad vampire” is now the good guy. He is trying to escape from the vampire Chancellors. Bill betrays him, and his escape plan fails.

And the werewolves are fighting for domination of their pack.  B.D. has become the leader of the pack. Russell Edgington, the very bad vampire has been giving B.D. “V”.  (“V” is vampire blood that acts like a drug on humans.)  Now B.D. must pay the piper—Edgington will control the pack. He takes Luna’s child, who was in the care of her grandmother who is a member of the pack. The girl seems to be going through a wolf-pup stage and is seen in that form rather than in her human form. Edgington gives the pup to Steve (his protégé, and a former anti-vampire minister who is now, himself a vampire) as a pet.

And a whole bunch of other stuff goes down, but I wanted to focus on “Gran” today.  Adele Stackhouse was the widowed grandmother of Sookie and Jason. She was a generous and sweet soul who was murdered in the first season. A vampire hater named Drew Marshall came to Bon Temps under the alias of Rene Lenier. He hated vampires, but he especially hated “fangbangers”, people who have sex with vampires. He killed a number of young women who were banging vamps and he was after Sookie because of her relationship with Bill. Sookie was living with Gran, so when Drew/Renee came to their house to kill Sookie, he ended up killing Gran instead. (Sookie was not home.)

Now Gran is back, sort of.  Lafayette, who is now a medium, speaks with her spirit and asks for clues to help them solve the mystery of who killed Sookie’s parents. I’m glad Gran is back, if even in this very limited way.

Here’s the coolest line of the week.  When Lafayette is attempting to reach Gran, all the other spirits are clamoring for him to hear their messages. He tells them, “I ain’t Gmail for dead bitches.  Send your own g**d*** messages.”

But most touching moment of the week isn’t even in the episode. Having Gran back sparked a memory from Season 1. After Gran’s funeral, Sookie goes home, sits alone in the kitchen, and slowly, methodically, eats a whole cherry pie—the last pie Gran made before she died. The last pie made by her Gran that Sookie would ever have. 

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