Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weeds "See Blue and Smell Cheese and Die"

Season 8/ Episode 3

You can feel the show wrapping up loose ends and coming to a close.  It’s like at the end of August (even in Florida) you can feel the impending autumn in the air even though it is still hot.  And Weeds is still plenty hot.
Nancy’s brother-in-law Andy has been putting in some serious sack-time with Nancy’s sister.  Even in Nancy’s hospital room.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t weird.  Nancy was in a coma at the time.  Anyhow,  Jill’s husband has left her,  Jill’s kids are starting to warm up to Andy when he becomes their hockey coach, and I think  Jill may be “The One” for Andy..  Will Andy finally give up womanizing and settle down.

Speaking of "The One", will Nancy and her second husband, Peter Scottson, be reunited? Nancy secretly married him in the second season, but he was a DEA agent and he was killed. Tragically, Nancy’s drug dealings appear to have played a role in his death.  Death makes the likelihood of a reunion between the two a tad unlikely, but, hey, this is TV.  .  Also, as I remember it, he is presumed dead; I don’t think they ever found a body. Perhaps his death was faked and he’s been working undercover all this time.  I always liked Peter and I’d like to see him and Nancy back together. 
The reason I starting to hope for this reunion is because Nancy’s son , Shane has discovered “the shooter” –the person who shot Nancy in the head.  It is Peter’s son from his first marriage Tim, who blames Nancy for his father’s death.  Perhaps Peter’s son has been added to the show as a foreshadowing of Peter’s return.  Nancy is clearly a “manizer” (if men can womanize, why can’t women womanize.?), but perhaps she will settle down at the end of the last season..

But I digress.  Back to the plot. When Nancy and her older son, Silas, learn what Shane his discovered, a mad dash ensues to find Tim and get him into hiding before Shane finds him and kills him.  All three of them find Tim at about the same time, but Shane does not kill Tim, he arrests him. 

Shane, who killed a woman in a previous season when he overheard her plotting to kill Nancy, and who has shown psychopathological tendencies ever since, has joined the police force. 

See what I mean about wrapping up the loose ends.