Tuesday, July 31, 2012

True Blood #56 "Somebody ..."

The official name of this episode is “Somebody That I Used to Know.” But I’m going to give it a title of my own “The Rabbits of Bon Temps.”

The science of evolution says that long ago, when the dinosaurs went extinct, an evolutionary niche opened up and a small mammal, maybe something similar to a rabbit, became the ancestor of all primates, including human beings.

The exact opposite is happening in the monster–ridden burg of Bon Temps.  The humans are like little rabbits, and they are headed towards extinction.  The supernatural beings are treating the humans as rabbits.

In the Vampire Vatican, where the Chancellors reside, a random young woman, a mother of two young children, has been captured and tied to the bedposts. (It’s always a bed on True Blood, they never tie young women to chairs or fence posts.) She has been procured by Salome, so that Bill may feed on her.  At first Bill demurs because he was once a sensitive vampire with a code of ethics that forbade killing humans. But he is no longer the old Bill, so this luckless woman becomes dead meat.

Over in the werewolves den, Alcide and J.D. have to undergo a contest to determine who shall lead the pack. J.D. has captured a young college student, a field and track star, because J.D. wants it to be a fair fight. He proposes to give the student a two minute head start, and then the two contestants will give chase. Whoever catches and kills the student first will become the new leader. Alcide, unlike Bill, still has a firm grip on his ethics. Alcide forfeits, thinking that he can thus spare the life of the young man.  But that is not to be. J.D. declares that the chase is on nonetheless. Run, rabitt, run. He captures the youth in an instant—it was never going to be a fair fight. Alcide catches up to J.D., fights him, and the youth escapes.  So this human makes it out alive.

Meanwhile, back at Fangtasia, Tara is tending bar. This is the season to tart up Tara. A new sexy S&M outfit each week, accented with over the top glamour make-up.  A faded prom queen sits at the bar and lords it over Tara like the high school bully she once was. Tara threatens her former high school classmate, only to be upbraided by her maker, Pam, who owns the bar, for being rude to the customers. But blood is thicker than water, so Pam “glamours” the woman into becoming a subservient slave who invites Tara to feed on her. This human may live, but wish she had not.

Even Merlotte is getting into the game. He shifts into a snake and menaces a prisoner at the local jail. But Merlotte is not as vicious as the vampires and werewolves, he doesn’t hurt the prisioner, he only threatens him to get information about the gang that is out to kill “supes.”

It is open season on rabbits in Bon Temps, and by rabbits I mean humans.

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