Thursday, July 26, 2012

Episodes "Labia as in Labia"

The relationship between Sean and Beverly is the heart of the show. It is very much the heart of episode 4 of season 2.

Beverly is still very much in love with Sean, despite learning of his sexcapade with Morning. Sean, however, appears to be moving on. He’s joined facebook. He has a lot of new facebook friends.  His relationship with Beverly is more “old friend” than husband. 

Sean and Beverly continue to work together on the show.  Professionally, their chemistry is as strong as ever, despite their marital separation. (Sean left Beverly after he discovered that she had drunken sex with Matt because she falsely thought that Sean was having sex with Morning.  He wasn’t then, but he is now.)

Sean and Beverly have been told to take the show in a whole new direction. The focus will be on the young boys of “Pucks,” with a lot less emphasis on the coach, played by Matt LeBlanc. It’s usually women who are pushed aside in favor of younger actresses, but Matt is getting a taste of age discrimination.
When Matt discovers that he only has a handful of lines in the episode they are currently shooting, he gets very angry. So Matt does what Matt always does when he gets angry. He heads to a bar, he gets drunk, he calls Sean and/or Beverly.  As usual, Sean and Beverly come running to save Matt from himself. 

This time Matt is threatening to tell Merc, the producer of “Pucks” about his affair with Jamie, Merc’s wife. Sean and Beverly beg him not to do it. It will mean the end of the show. Matt doesn’t care about that. He won’t stand for being a minor character on the show. He feels insulted, and he wants to do something to get back at Merc.

Beverly gets Matt alone for a moment and begs him not to tell Merc about the affair.  She has a very personal reason. She wants Sean back. She tells Matt, if the show ends, she and Sean will return to London, and their marriage will be over. However, if the show continues, they can continue to work together, and perhaps Sean will take her back.

I told you Matt was a good guy, way down deep. He agrees not to tell Merc about the affair for Beverly’s sake.

At the end of the episode Sean and Beverly are ice skating. Sean is trying to teach Beverly how to skate. To keep her from falling he skates behind her, with his arms around her waist. Beverly leans her head back against his shoulder. She smiles with the bliss of being in Sean’s arms. You can not only see, but feel how much she wants Sean back.  

As for Labia, that is the name of a woman who stalks Matt. (Her name is pronounced labia as in labia, the lady part. Hence, the title of the episode.) Sean is friends with her on facebook.  I’m using my psychic powers now to predict that this means trouble for all.  Very funny trouble.