Thursday, July 19, 2012

Upcoming Season Premieres

Usually, I discuss the mini-series type of shows—the shows with central characters in each episode and continuing plot lines.  I don’t discuss reality shows, news shows, and for that matter, shows that don’t interest me all that much.

However, I thought that I would mention that “Real Time with Bill Maher,” currently off the air, will be back on August 17, 2012.  I may even add it to the list of shows I review.

Showtime has two premieres scheduled for September 30th, 2012.  “Dexter” will be back for its 7th season.  It sometimes feels a little strange that I am rooting for a serial killer, but that is what happens every Sunday night at 9pm when the show is airing new episodes.  At the end of last season, Dexter’s sister, Debra, has inadvertently found Dexter in the act of killing Travis, the main villain of the season.  Is Dexter’s secret life about to be exposed?  How will Debra handle this knowledge?

The second Showtime premiere scheduled for September 30th, 2012 is the 2nd season of “Homeland.”  This is a suspenseful psychological thriller. CIA agent, Carrie Mathison suspects former marine sergeant Nicholas Brody of being a terrorist.  No one else believes her, except for the viewers at home, because we get to see the scenes that the characters don’t see.  In the last episode, Carrie suffers a mental breakdown and is being prepped for electro-shock therapy, when she gets a crucial insight into the case.  Unfortunately, one of the side effects of electro-shock therapy is short term memory loss.  What will Carrie remember when she comes to?  Will Brody be able to carry out his assignation plans? 

If you haven’t been watching “Dexter” and “Homeland”, you have time to catch up by viewing the earlier seasons before September 30th.  I know six seasons of “Dexter” is a lot, but you will be glad you did.  “Homeland” is a little easier with only one season having aired.

I went to this HBO website for info on season premieres  You can check the site periodically for info.  I didn’t see any new series or season premiere’s for the next few months, but I did see that “Hung” was cancelled.  I liked that show.  Yes, it was about hos and pimps (male hos and female pimps), but it was also about love, and friendship, and family, and doing the right thing, or as close to the right thing as one could get given the exingencies.

I couldn’t find a web page with info about upcoming Showtime premieres, but I’ll keep looking.

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