Friday, July 27, 2012

True Blood # 55 "In the Beginning"

The fae people have a superpower—they can shoot beams of energy from their palms.  Sookie is only half fae, so her powers are finite. They will eventually be all used up.  Episode 55 ends with Sookie standing on her lawn at night repeatedly releasing these energy beams in an attempt to rid herself of her fae superpowers and become fully human. Oh, Sookie I wouldn’t do that if I were you. When you live in the midst of a maelstrom of monsters, a girl needs every advantage she can get.

Like the energy shooting from Sookie’s palms dissipating into the night, the energy of the show seems to be shooting off in all directions, dissipating the appeal of the show.  There is just too much going on.
The vampires have their own religion.  Their pope is “The Authority”.  His name was Roman.  I say was because Roman has met the “true death” at the hands of Russell Edgington, a particularly powerful and vicious vampire.  He had been delivered to The Authority by Eric and Bill.

The vampire God is Lilith, the first vampire.There is a vial of her blood, their most holy relic. Is it symbolic blood or the actual blood of Lilith?  Edgington breaks open the vial and the vampires of the Vampire Vatican each drink a drop. Apparently, it was the actual blood of Lilith. The vampires become bloodthirsty monsters—vampires are by definition bloodthirsty monsters, but they are now released from all inhibitions—and they invade a wedding party feasting upon men, women, and even children. The form of Lilith arises from the blood looking like a bronze statue, only made of blood instead of bronze. This can not bode well for the little town of Bon Temps.

Meanwhile, Lafayette has been kidnapped by brojos; Alcide is fighting a challenger to his leadership of the werewolf pack; Hoyt, the lovesick rejected lover of teenaged vampire Jessica, has joined up with a gang intent on murdering “supes” of all kinds; the surly Tara is pole dancing at the vampire nightclub, Fangtasia, run by Eric’s progeny, Vampire Pam, and is trying to adapt to life as a vampire; Terry Bellefleur and his army buddy are trying to escape from the Smoke Monster; Merlotte is trying to win back Luna; and more all packed into one episode.

The show seems frenetic, jumping from plot to plot. Some plot points, like the budding love affair between Alcide and Sookie seem to have been dropped---Alcide appears to have transferred his affections to a female member of his pack. It’s all a confusing jumble. No wonder Sookie is engaging in suicidal behavior. The show appears to be committing suicide.

The show needs to refocus and tell some stories with heart or it will be “dead to me” by the end of the season.

I found this picture on the official HBO website.