Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Episodes Season 2 Episode 3

I’m in love with Sean and Beverly.  I want to be Beverly.  I want to marry Sean.

Stephan Mangan who plays Sean Lincoln, and  Tamsin Greig, who plays his wife Beverly, are so perfect together that it is hard to believe that they are not actually married in real life.  In fact, it is hard to believe that they are not actually writers from across the pond who have moved to Hollywood to write for an American TV show called “Pucks.”  In real life they are both actors who are married to other people.  At least, they are both actually English.

Sean and Beverly separated at the end of Season 1 when Beverly had drunken revenge sex with Matt LeBlanc, (played by Matt LeBlanc), the star of Pucks.  Beverly was getting revenge because she thought that Sean was having an affair with sexpot Morning Randolph, played by Mircea Monroe, the female lead of “Pucks”.  Sean learns about Beverly’s lapse of fidelity; Beverly learns that Sean is innocent.  The result—it’s splitsville for the happy couple. Sean cannot forgive Beverly, not just for her infidelity with Matt, but her lack of trust in him when he denied that there was anything between him and Morning.  

In season 2, it looks like they are moving towards reconciling when Sean is seduced by Morning.  Her motivations are not too clear.  She clearly does not want an ongoing affair.  Maybe she did it just because she could, a conquest born of boredom.  Or maybe, she believes that the occasional roll in the hay will mean better parts for her character on Pucks. 

Beverly quickly learns of her husband’s indiscretion.  It seems neither Matt nor Morning is able to be discreet when it comes to sex with someone else’s wife/husband.  Perhaps it is because actors have too much egoism. 

Now that Sean and Beverly are “even,” so to speak, will this help them to get together? There is perfect symmetry: The male writer has sex with the female lead and the female writer has sex with the male lead. Or will it sabotage their tentative movement towards getting back together?

You know Sean and Beverly so much want to return to their marriage.  Even separated, they have such a great relationship, a bond that many married couples probably only wish they could have. They are still so much on the same team.  I want to see them back together by the end of Season 2.  (I’m talking to you , real-life writers of “Episodes”)