Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lisa Kudrow Rules

Lisa Kudrow as Fiona Wallice
Lisa Kudrow as Fiona Wallice

by Catherine Giordano

Lisa Kudrow is all over our TV screens. 

Web Therapy
Season 4 of Web Therapy is delivering everything we have come to expect from this Showtime series. It is a stunning success--so quirky and funny with not one, but two or three guests stars, on each show.  Lisa Kudrow plays Fiona Wallice, a therapist with “no patience for patients.”  (A new episode premiers on Showtime, Wednesdays, 11pm) 

Web Therapy DVD
So far in Season Four we have had Billy Crystal as Fiona’s new step-father , Gwyneth Paltrow as a new age guru who begins as a patient but becomes a friend/benefactor,  and Jon Hamm as a client who is paid by elderly ladies for phone sex. I’m not going to outline the plots because the fun of the show is watching them unfold and transform and then vanish.  It’s like a magician’s sleight of hand—it moves so quickly.

If you would like to see some of my prior reviews, you can go to Web Therapy on Showtime for an overview and then you can do a search for “Web Therapy” on this web site to see reviews of individual episodes..

Lisa Kudrow as Valerie Cherish
Lisa Kudrow as Valerie Cherish
The Comeback
Now you can get a double dose of Lisa Kudrow. Starting on Sunday, November 9, The Comeback, is back. It’s ironic because the show was cancelled  nine years ago and now it is back. The premise is that Valerie Cherish, a fading sitcom actress is participating in a reality show hoping to make a comeback.  Valerie couldn’t be more different from Fiona.  Valerie is so insecure; Fiona is so brash. Kudrow plays Valerie as so fragile it is sometimes painful to watch because Valerie may shatter into a hundred pieces right before your eyes. (Anew episode premieres on HBO, Sundays, 10pm)

The Comback DVD
I don’t have any reviews of season I of The Comeback cecause it predates this blog by years.  But you can get up to speed on the Huffington Post.

Real Time with Bill Maher 
And this week we get a triple dose of Lisa Kudrow. She will be a guest on the November 7th, 2014 edition of “Real Time with Bill Maher.” (HBO, Friday, 10pm.)