Friday, July 25, 2014

True Blood's Social Satire Just Got a Whole Lot Less Subtle

True Blood's Pam in Purple Dress
Pam in the purple dress.
by Catherine Giordano

A few weeks ago, I did a post about how True Blood had a whole lot of social satire in it. (True Blood as Social Satire)  On Episode 5 of Season 7, "Lost Cause,"
the social satire just got a whole lot less subtle.

Vampire, Pam and Eric, decide to go to a Republican fundraiser for Ted Cruz being held at the Bush Library because they hope to find Sarah Newlin there and kill her. Eric and Pam get all glammed up for the event, Eric wore a huge 10-gallon cowboy hat that must be at lease a 20-gallon hat. Pam poured her voluptuous body into a purple sequined gown.(The show runners are clearly going for parody.)

Pam looks in the mirror and exclaims, "I look like a Republi- c@@t, using a vulgar term for a part of the female anatomy.

Soon after Eric and Pam arrive at the fundraiser, the Yakuza, a Japanese band of human vigilantes, who also ant to kill Sarah Newlin burst in, (Sarah seems to be a very popular girl if you definition of popular is having a lot of people who want to kill you.)

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The Yakuza gentlemen start shooting everyone in sight. I'm not quite sure why they do this. Perhaps it is because they are at a Republican event and they presume everyone there is armed to the teeth. Or maybe they do it because the show runners want to act out their fantasy.  I have to confess I cheered them on.

It's just social satire, just not very subtle. 

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