Monday, June 23, 2014

HBO's True Blood as Social Satire

by Catherine Giordano
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Undeading True Blood
The seventh and final season of True Blood premiered on Sunday June 22, 2014. Will the series go out in a blaze of glory or will it just flicker out leaving us with the taste of ashes in our mouth. Does the episode title “Jesus Gonna Be Here” portend a resurrection of interest in this show?

I stopped watching a few seasons ago. I gave more reasons for quitting the show in my previous post, but essentially I felt that the whole point of the show had become a game to see if each new episode could top the previous one’s body count, gore, over-the-top sexual misadventures, and number of buckets of blood. My last post was for an episode named “Save Yourself.”  I decided to save the time I had spent watching this show.

But now I’m feeling a little nostalgic for Sookie and her friends.  Maybe I’ll come back.

One thing that I liked about the show was its social satire elements. Today, I came across an article from Mother Jones that discussed the social commentary embedded in the show. True Blood is really all about civil rights, political malfeasance, and religious bigotry. Read the article: “A Political History of “True Blood.”

I just added True Blood back to my viewing list. If it doesn’t revive my interest, I won’t hesitate to put a stake in its heart.  All I have to do is click “delete” and the undead are dead to me again.
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