Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Showtime’s Homeland #303 “Tower of David”

Private Cells; Private Hells
By Catherine Giordano

Damien Lewis as Brody on "Homeland"
The pace picks up now that Brody is back for Showtime’s Homeland, episode 303, titled Tower of David which aired on 10/13/13.

Brody is not exactly back. He’s in Columbia somewhere, arriving out of nowhere, with a bullet in his torso. He is rescued and brought to Caracas by a band of brigand squatters one of whom is a doctor. We don’t know why Brody is there, how he got there from Canada (where we last saw him) and why the brigands have rescued him. They are doing because he is a friend of Carrie. That is all we know.

The doctor removes Brody’s bullet. Brody is mending, but he comes to learn that he is a prisoner. He tries to escape, seeking sanctuary in a nearby mosque.  We don’t know what he says to the imam because they speak in Arabic. (There are no sub-titles just as there are no subtitles when Brody’s rescuers speak Spanish to each other.  Give us a break, guys—I’d like to know what is being said.)

It appears that the imam is giving him sanctuary, but instead he has called the local police.  “You are not a Muslim,” he tells Brody as the policemen haul him away. “You are a terrorist”. The brigands come to Brody’s rescue once again, killing the policemen, the imam and the imam’s wife. No one can be left alive who knows Brody’s identity. The doctor tells him he is a cockroach. Everyone around him dies, but he survives, but he will stay in his cell until he dies. The doctor brings him some heroin and leaves it with him.  Brody slumps against the wall and shoots up. There is nothing else he can do.  His plight is intolerable.

Meanwhile, Carrie is still in the pysch hospital. She is trying to charm the doctor into declaring her cured so she can leave. It doesn’t appear to be working.  She sneaks off her floor to meet with a mysterious man who claims he can help her. Carrie suspects a plot to get her to turn against the CIA and her country.  She tells him she is on to him because she used to recruit assets for the CIA. She will not be recruited.  She will not be a traitor.
 Brody is drugged with heroin; Carrie is drugged with lithium.  They are both being held against their will in their own private hells.

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