Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Showtime’s Homeland #305 “The Yoga Play”

Moments of Truth
by Catherine Giordano
Sarita Choudhury as
Mira Berenson on Homeland

A lot of people have their moment of truth on Showtime’s Homeland, episode 305, “The Yoga Play” which aired on October 26, 2012.

First Dana, our run-away brat, learns the truth about her new boyfriend, Leo, and how his brother died. She hears  on the news that Leo was involved in his brother’s death.  Dana is outraged that Leo had not told her the truth about this. After she has learned that everything that she thought was true about her father was lies, can you blame her for being a little sensitive about being lied to?

Dana fights with Leo causing a minor car accident. The police arrive, and Dana is happy to be taken into custody and returned home. (I think Leo will be a little less happy to be returned to the psych ward.) Happy might not be the right word to use about Dana. She’s mad at the world, and she resumes her sullen sulk a soon as she crosses the threshold of her home, glaring at her mother.  And I bet her adventures (misadventures) with Leo are not over.

Saul has to face a hard truth also. He’s been invited to go duck hunting with Senator Lockhart and a group of other important people in D.C. The first truth he learns is that duck hunting season is over; they are going to be hunting geese. Next he learns, his goose is cooked, so to speak.  Saul was expecting to be named head of the CIA, instead he is thanked for his six months of service as acting director by Senator Lockhart, the man who will actually be appointed to that post.

Saul gets his chance to deliver a few truths of his own. When the announcement of the impending appointment is made to the assembled group, Saul proposes a toast. In the “speaking-with-forked-tongue” moment of the week, Saul offers his congratulations while praising the men and women who, unlike the Senator, have actually put their lives on the line and who actually know something about the spy game.

When Saul returns home, he has another hard truth. He finds his wife, Mira, (played by Sarita Choudhury,) with another man. Mira explains that he returned home earlier than expected, and she was only having dinner with a friend. Saul doesn’t even want to know. He’s had enough bad news for one day. He doesn’t want to even think about the possibility that his hope for reconciliation with his wife might now be a lost hope..

But Saul’s bad news is not over yet. Wait until he finds out that Carrie has been kidnapped by Iranian agents.. These kidnappers are pros. They get into her apartment undetected even though Quinn is watching her house, They subdue her and make her strip naked; and then they carefully scan her, evidently looking for any electronic devices that may have been implanted in her body so her location could be tracked. Only then is she “disappeared”  to her meeting with Javadi. Her moment of truth is when she realizes this meeting will not occur on her terms. She is on her own now. And they are not going to play nice.

The truth is always pretty, especially on Homeland.
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