Friday, September 6, 2013

Showtime’s “Web Therapy” “304 “Case Files”

Mocktails O’Clock
By Catherine Giordano
Meg Ryan as Karen Sharp

The tales of Fiona continue.  Pour yourself a cocktail (or mocktail) and enjoy this review/recap and commentary for Showtime’s “Web Therapy” episode #304, starring Lisa Kudrow, titled “Case Files.”

The show opens with Fiona chatting with mock-friend Gina as they enjoy cocktails (mocktails for the pregnant Gina). I say mock friend because while Gina feels that Fiona is her best friend and confidante, Fiona is only interested in manipulating Gina for her own ends.

Gina is whining about having to go to Paris. She hates France for many reasons.  One reason is that the waiters in restaurants will not let her have coffee before her meal
Gina tells Fiona that she wants to have a bachelorette party in Las Vegas. She wants her wedding to immediately follow, also in Las Vegas. She wants a classical wedding so she has chosen Caesar’s Palace as the venue. She wants Fiona to be her matron of honor. She wants herself and Fiona to wear identical white gowns for the ceremony.  She wants Fiona to arrange everything for her special day. Does anyone think this is going to end well?

Next call. A quick one with Keystone Fidelity, the accounting firm for her husband’s campaign, as Fiona tries to get some information concerning the investigation of her possible misuse of campaign finances. She doesn’t have passwords for the accounts so she doesn’t get any information.

Fiona calls Kip for a little camcorder chat to ask for the passwords.  Even though Kip has run off to New Mexico with his lover Ben and is seeking a divorce, he still feels kindly towards Fiona and tries to help her. He tells her the passwords might be in a briefcase that was packed into one of the boxes of things from the campaign office that were packed when the campaign shut down. The boxes were delivered to Fiona’s house.

Ben who has been in another room watching TV is angry when he finds Kip talking to Fiona.  Poor Kip—he seems to like to be in relationships with a partner who is very controlling. Ben is overtly controlling whereas Fiona did it more subtly. Ben hates Fiona probably because he is jealous of Kip’s relationship with her, and tells her quite nastily to sign the divorce papers immediately. Does anyone think Fiona is going to do that?

So now Fiona has what she needs? Not so quick.  Not so simple. Read on.

Fiona calls Jerome who is staying at her apartment in New York to find out where the boxes are. He tells her that all the stuff in the boxes was sold off in a yard sale. He knows who bought it, and he knows the brief case is up for auction on eBay. He plans to swoop in with a last minute bid and get the briefcase. He fails, and someone named karen4kip wins the item.

Fiona also learns that Halley, a onetime girl-friend of Jerome is staying at her New York apartment. Fiona demands that Kip make her leave. Jerome claims that everything is fine, but talk about rubber sheets, and loud knocking sounds and shouts of “I’m coming” coming from the apartment’s bedroom have gotten Fiona very upset. Jerome claims that it is only the doorman knocking on the door with a delivery, and Halley is telling the doorman that she is coming to answer the door.

Fiona’s final conversation is with Karen Sharp, played by Meg Ryan. Karen is a hoarder and one of her collections is centered on Kip. She claims that everything is being archived for posterity, but in actuality Fiona can see that stuff is strewn all over.  Karen refuses to sell the briefcase to Fiona. Wily Fiona realizes that she can play Karen because it becomes evident that Karen is obsessed with Kip. (She asks Fiona a lot of questions about how Kip is as a lover. She is fascinated by the revelation that Kip used to place a cloth over Fiona’s face during lovemaking.) Karen wants to cloth.  Fiona says she can give her a pair of Kip’s running shorts, unwashed, so still redolent with his sweat.  Fiona offers to bring the items to Karen’s house the very next day.

Karen considers this a generous act on Fiona’s part, but clearly Fiona aims to get into the house so she can steal the briefcase or at least the papers with the passwords that she hopes to find inside the briefcase.

The tales of Fiona, mockery extraordinaire.

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