Friday, July 26, 2013

Showtime’s Web Therapy "Relax Reboot Revenge" #301

by Catherine Giordano

 "Fiona! The Musical"

Fiona’s baaack and Showtime’s got her. And I can’t get enough of her deliciously wicked humor.
Steve Carell on "Web Therapy" playing Jackson Pickett

Season 3, episode 1, of Web Therapy begins with Fiona at a tropical resort, just her and her computer.  And some guy she picked up and spent the night with, Jackson Pickett (played by guest star, Steve Carell.) They are having a video chat with lots of coy double entendres.  Jackson appears smitten; Fiona appears annoyed that Jackson has misinterpreted their night of casual sex. Jackson is in the room with her, sitting next to her, but she insists they communicate by video cam. It’s a figurative way of keeping her distance.

Next, Fiona video chats with Franny Marshall (played by guest star, Megan Mullally). Fiona wrote an autobiography, sold the rights, and has lost all control over the property which is now being turned into a Broadway musical named “Fiona!”  (And we know how much Fiona hates to not be in control of everything and everyone.)

Franny is the composer/lyricist who is writing some deliciously bad songs for the show, song which portray Fiona in a very bad light. Fiona keep suggesting the show should go a little easy on her.  Maybe she is bad, but in the end, the she will be seen to have a heart of gold. Franny seems oblivious to Fiona’s discomfort as she explains there will be no tired clichés in this show—Fiona will be really and truly bad right up to the very end.

Fiona also has a video chat with her former assistant, Jerome, who has left her to work for her mother Putsy Hodge, who has set up a service to compete with Fiona's’s Web Therapy. Putsy’s service is called “Net Therapy. Fiona sputters that her mother can’t just steal her idea to no effect.  What makes it worse is that throughout the call the phone at Net Therapy is ringing off the hook. To Fiona’s chagrin, her mother appears to be far more successful with online therapy than she is.   

Finally, Fiona chats with Gina Sparks, her ditzy former co-worker who was about to reveal some damaging information about her before Fiona manipulated her out of the country and right into the arms of her extremely wealthy Scottish lover, Austen Clarke (played by guest star, Alan Cummings). Gina announces she is now in a family way and Austen joins her on screen to say that they will be married.

Gina leaves and Austen explains to Fiona that he is only marrying Gina so his heir will be legitimate and he wants things to continue between them as before. Fiona is calmly asserts that he will be married and so their affair must end. One small question for Fiona: Weren’t you still married to Kip when your affair with Austen began?  Oh, never mind--Fiona really didn’t mean it--it was just part of her manipulation of Austen. Austen tells her that he has bought her a penthouse in New York City. “Is it in my name?” she coyly asks. Austen assures her that it is in her name and Fiona relents.

Austen tells Fiona that he will divorce Gina as soon as the baby is born. Gina returns to the screen and Fiona tells her that she could get a pre-nup and ask for $75,000 upon the divorce. Austen tries to offer $100,000, but Gina is so thrilled with the $75,000 that she doesn’t hear him.  Every time Fiona manipulates Gina it backfires on her.  This is the “how-will this-come-back-to-bite-Fiona-in the-posterior” moment of the week.  

Web Therapy is apparently the hot show to be on. Lisa Kudrow, the star and producer of Web Therapy, gets some amazing “gets”. Three A-list guest stars in one show!  You have got to get this show.  A recap just cannot capture how delightful this show really is to watch.

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