Friday, July 19, 2013

HBO Newsroom Episode 11 “First We Kill All the Lawyers”

by Catherine Giordano

Kill This Show

The first episode of season two of HBO’s “The Newsroom” was aptly titled “The Greater Fool.”  This episode is title" First We Kill All the Lawyers."  I say put these fools out of their misery and kill this show.

The show has new writers for season two. The plan to fix this show with a great concept, but a flawed execution. They have not fixed the show.

MacKenzie is still going around slapping people. Margaret still behaves like a whiny child and she and Don are still having their on-again/off-again romance—currently off.  Jim is still lovelorn, letting his work decisions be governed by his school boy crush for Margaret. Sloan is still in the grip of her school-girl crush for Don, making a fool of herself as she corners him in hallways to either profess her love or try to explain away her foolish behavior at their last encounter. Neal is still so eager, and so bumbling, as he tries to prove himself in the newsroom. Leona is still the tough-as-nails CEO of a business empire who is governed by the bottom line. And McAvoy is still the cynical, world-weary, with a heart of gold, news anchor who is so professional on screen, but an ego-driven mess the rest of the time.

Do you get where I am going with this? Every character is a stereotype. No character is believable.  All the workplace romances are so unprofessional and bordering on sexual harassment.  These characters belong on a sit-com—give them some funny lines to say  and it would all gel.

As I watch this show I have so many "I swear-I-can-sense-the-embarrassment-the-actors-feel-playing-these-characters" moments.

I don’t know how long I will continue to watch. The plot is a convoluted mess. The characters are so unrealistic that I don’t care about them. The show is even worse than it was last year. At least last year they had the polemics, which were sometimes fun and informative. They seem to have dropped them for season two.

Last season I had fun making fun of the show. This year I just feel sad.