Saturday, August 1, 2015

Masters of Sex #303 07/26/15 “The Excitement of Release”

by Catherine Giordano

Love Sweet Love
As the credits roll at the end of Showtime’s’ Masters of Sex episode 303 “The Excitement of Release” which aired on July 26, 2015, the sound track plays a familiar song from the era, “Love Sweet Love.” It’s anything but love sweet love on this episode of the show.
Virginia Johnston’s daughter Tessa is 16 years old and the daughter of the “Sex Mom.” It’s easy to see why boys at her school think she is sexually experienced and easy. Except she isn’t. She’s 16, she has a crush on a boy, and the boy seems to like her. He barely has the r thing down. Tessa is sitting in the boy’s car and Tessa may be hoping for a shy first kiss. Instead, the boy forces her to perform oral sex, forcing her head down into his lap area. Afterwards Tessa flees and vomits all over her new prom dress that her mother bought for her as a peace offering because there have been a lot of mother daughter squabbles. (Tessa seems to be all over the map with her sexuality—in the first episode of season three, she was trying to force herself on Bill Masters now sex play is making her ill.) Love, sweet love? Far from it.
Remember Barton, the medical director at the hospital where Dr. Masters used to work. Barton has hung onto his job, but lost his wife. Bill goes to see Barton and discovers Barton has a nice middle age lady with whom he is “keeping company.” Is this love sweet love? Far from it. Barton as you will remember is a homosexual, but he apparently is doing his best to stay in the closet. Does his lady friend want to do more than cook meals for him? What does Barton tell her.? Maybe something like, “I’m old-fashioned. I respect you too much for that.”
Bill wants to improve sales for the book. He thinks it should be a text book at medical schools for the sex-ed classes. However medical schools don’t teach doctors about sex. Bill enlists Barton to help him get to the executives at the hospital where Barton works and where Bill used to work. Barton brings him to a cocktail party. The executive treats Barton like a lackey; Barton has kept his job, but not his secret. His boss is contemptuous of him and treats him like a lackey. Bill can’t stand to see his old friend and mentor treated so badly, so he makes a scene and storms out. He invited Barton to join his medical practice. There is still some love left between these two.
There is no love between Bill and his wife Libby, although to the outside world they look like a happily married couple. They keep up the pretense, their marriage as much a marriage of convenience as the relationship between Barton and his new girlfriend. Libby has become friends with Joy, a woman who lives next door. The woman confides to Libby that she is going to leave her husband. Libby tries to talk her out of it--perhaps just she talked her own self out of it—but the woman insists she will leave.
Lester and Jane 
Remember Lester, the photographer and Jane, the subject in the early experiments of female sexual response. The two had run off together to Hollywood so Jan could become a star—it was true love, but not for long. Soon Lester returned because Jane had dumped him for the casting couch. Lester took up with the “incest girl.” When Lester said he was working late to avoid going home to a nagging wife, I thought he had married incest girl. Instead it turns out, Jane is his wife. No love sweet love there. But Jane is hired to respond to the tons of mail masters and Johnson are getting. One night she reads aloud one of the letters, a very salacious one, and that is the spark that lights Lester and Jane’s fire. Now that the sex has returned, will the love return?  
Dan Logan
Bill and Virginia are looking for investors. They take a meeting with Hugh Hefner at a bunny club. You never want to bring Virginia Johnson to a bunny club. No way she will get into bed with Heffner, and I mean get into business with him. Fortunately, Bill thinks that being associated with Hef is not the kind of thing that will give him and his work respect. So, pass!
Someone else is sniffing around. Dan Logan is an executive from a flavors and fragrances firm. He wants to get the smell of sex into a bottle. There is clearly sexual tension between him and Virginia. Will she be willing to get into bed with him? I mean that both ways--as a bed partner, as a sex partner, or both.

Masters and Johnston
There’s not much sex going on between Masters and Johnson. It has probably been at least a year since they had sex (or made love). Masters was squeamish about it while she was pregnant with another man’s baby. Or maybe he was just being extra-careful that there would be no scandal during the release of the book. Now the baby has been born and the book has been birthed. Time to hit the hay again.
In the first scene of the episode, Bill and Virginia are in bed together, but Virginia begs off saying her body still doesn’t feel right after the birth of the baby. “It’s been eight weeks since you had the baby,” Bill tersely says. “It’s OK for you to have sex now.” It’s clearly connects to the later scene between Tessa and her date when Tessa’s date demands that she gratify him. Bill is demanding the same of Virginia. I
The last scene takes us back to the first scene. Bill and Virginia are in bed. The baby cries and she has to get out of bed to tend to the baby. She brings the baby to bed with her, and places the baby between them. It is like they are a family. Bill must love her baby, if he is to love her.
Love sweet love. Not too much of that going on

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