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Masters of Sex # 212 09 28 14 “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

by Catherine Giordano
My review and recap of previous two episodes of Showtime’s Masters of Sex were titled “Fix Me” and “See Me”. The title for the review of the season finale is “Touch Me.” 
Virginia and Bill
Bill and Virginia
“Touch Me” because Masters and Jonson discover the cure for impotence is non-sexual touch. At least, it worked for Bill. As the season ends they are trying it on Lester and Barbara. Lester and Barbara have become a couple; they share a bed on occasion, but they never attempt sex. Bill tells them they must try because sex is too important to live your whole life without it. 

Libby and Robert
The breakthrough they have discovered through their self-experimentation is that a couple must  spend several weeks touching and holding each other, but no genital touching.  After that, they spend a few weeks where genital touching is allowed, but no actual sex acts even if the man achieves an erection. Finally, they may proceed to actual sexual.  By that time the man is no longer rendered impotent by the anxiety of fearing that he cannot achieve an erection. I also think that the intimacy of sloe physical contact over a period of many weeks strengthens the emotion bonds between the two people.

Libby and Robert
It’s ironic that bill tells Lester that sex is too important to forgo. His poor wife, Libby has not had sex in years. Not until she seduced Robert on her kitchen floor. Robert is very leery of a relationship with someone “so far out of his world.” Libby shows up at his apartment late one night and despite Robert’s protestations, that their last coupling was a mistake, she seduced him again.  She can no longer live without touch.

Flo and Austin
Flo and Austin
Flo and austinare doing plenty of touching and humping. Flo mentions that she has to go to a party in celebration of John F. Kennedy’s inauguration. It turns out she is from a very political family. Austin wants to go to this party because a lot of bigwigs will be there. He offers to do Flo the favor of being her date for the evening.  She turns him down. Austin is stunned—he considers himself to be a catch--very good looking and as he points out to Flo, a doctor. It doesn’t matter. Flo does now want him to meet her family because he is the male equivalent of the dumb blonde.  He is someone she can bed, but not be seen with in public.

The whole relationship between Flo and Austin has been about role-reversal--The female boss sexually harassing her male employee and forcing him to have sex with her as the price of keeping his job. And now the ultimate twist—he is nothing more than a “dumb blonde.” The writers have turned the tables on the stereotypes, and it is delicious fun.   

Virginia and George and the Kids
Just as I thought, Virginia has lost custody of her children. Her ex-husband  and father of her children, George has remarried. And reformed. He has a steady job and his new wife, Audrey, has a talent for parenting. First George insisted that Virginia allow the children to go with him and Audrey on a European trip for six weeks since he would be touring with a band and it would be a wonderful experience for the children to see Europe

Now George has decided that he wants the children full time. He intends to take her to court and argue that she is an unfit mother because she works long hours and is not spending enough time with the children, her work involves watching people fornicate, and she is having an affair with her boss. Virginia vigorously denies all three accusations, especially the one about the affair. Nonetheless, she realizes that she could very well lose if she goes to court because in addition to all of the above, George had never signed a legal custody agreement.  

Virginia decides it is best if she allows George to have custody and she will have a visit on Wednesday night and every other weekend. She convinces herself that this will be temporary. Once the interview with CBS airs her reputation will be restored. I think this was just a fantasy that she spun to ease the pain of letting the children go, but she strongly believed it.

The CBS Interview
Only the CBS interview did not air. It seems the rival doc in California got on TV first and CBS decided not to air the Masters and Johnson interview because now it was “old news.”   Virginia is devastated because she now realizes that she will never et her children back. And to really rub it in—who is the partner of this upstart doctor?—none other than Ethan. In a way, Ethan has had revenged on Bill for firing him and on Virginia for rejecting him.

Bill never wanted the interview he and Virginia did to air on TV. He thought it demeaned their work. His gambit was to let the other doctor go first with shoddy work and then he could still be “first” with his scientifically valid findings.

Barton is Back
The shocker comes in the last few minutes of the show. Bill is having a drink in a bar and is old friend and mentor, Dr. Barton Scully joins him.  We discover that Bill had gotten in touch with Barton and asked for two favors. The first favor was to see an advance copy of the rival’s new book, “Sex and Man” Bill read it and concluded it was not very good. The next favor was to arrange the TV interview with the rival doctor.     

Bill confides in Barton that he did this behind Virginia’s back, but he never meant to hurt her. Barton who has been hurt by Bill’s manipulative ways in the past says with great sadness, “You never do.”     
You Always Hurt the One You Love
Bill doesn’t mean to hurt people, but everyone he touches does get hurt as a result of his actions.
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