Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sowtime's Homeland "Death and Rebirth"

A typical Claire Danes look during season 3
Showtime's Homeland: Season Three ended and the show is set to reboot for Season Four. It's like they wiped the slate clean except for Carrie, and it will be a whole new game next season.

It's hard to care. We got jerked around so much this season--stupid sub plots that went nowhere, unanswered questions, and Carrie with her face constantly twisted up in pain.  If I tune in to episode one of Season Four and see Carrie's face twisted up in pain, just once, I'm gone. Poor Claire Danes! Her facial wrinkles are probably etched so deep, she'll never play the ingĂ©nue again.

Want more Carrie? Read the book.
Carrie is sticking with the agency. Despite the impending birth of her child. Despite the way the agency betrayed her with Brody. She's off to be station chief somewhere. It's a great promotion for her, but really, how could she stay after all that has happened? 

My suffering has only been vicarious, and I'm not sure I can stay.

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