Monday, January 30, 2012

Luck on HBO

"Luck," a new series about horse racing, premiered on Sunday night. This is another one that I did not think was for me.  I was right again.

I guess you have to really like horse-racing, horses, race tracks, and the people who populate this world to like this show.  I don't and I didn't.

However, it is more than just a lack or interest in the show's topic.  The characters were boring; the plot was boring.

There were no beautiful people or beautiful sex scenes in this one.  (The horses were kind of beautiful though, if you are into that.) The closest thing to a sex scene was when the female vet put on a rubber glove that went up to her elbow and lubed it up.  (If you are into that.)

I do like Dustin Hoffman, who is the star of "Luck".  He is a marvelous actor who always totally immerses himself into the part, to the point where I forget he is Dustin Hoffman.  He is the character.  (In this way, he is unlike many other actors.  For instance, when I watch George Clooney, no matter what part he plays, he is George Clooney.)  It is just too bad that his character did not interest me.

So I am three for three on this blog with respect to my reviews--panning all three shows that I have watched so far.  You might be thinking, "Why write this blog, if you don't like premium cable TV?"  I do like premium cable TV, and as soon as a good series starts, I will watch and report on every episode.