Friday, April 11, 2014

HBO's The Game of Thrones #32 “Two Swords”

Here Be Dragons
Daenerys with one of her dragons on "The Game of Thrones"

By Catherine Giordano

Daenerys, a star in The Game of Thrones, is the “mother of dragons” and the mother of all warriors. Her cute little dragons appear to be adolescents now and they are getting a little hard to handle. Daenerys is warned, "Dragons can never be fully tamed."  Be careful, Dany, they may soon bite the pretty little hand that feeds them.

Daenerys is a wonderful female character who has come a long way since Season One.  She began as a innocent child bride given in marriage as a bribe to obtain military help for her brother’s quest for the Iron Throne.

She went from being used by her family and abused by her husband to become his beloved wife. Upon her husband’s death, she became a fierce leader of her people—like Ruth in the Bible her husband’s people, the Dothraki, became her people.  She’s a tiny little thing, but no one would dare toy with her now.  She outwits her enemies. amasses a loyal army, and moves steadily towards her goal of taking the Iron Throne for herself.  And she does it all while looking beautiful.

The Game of Thrones has so many strong interesting women and she is one of them.

The Game of Thrones is such a complex story and each episode contains a multitude of characters and dozens of plot developments. There are plenty of websites to provide recaps. I’m just going to write about one female character each week. I chose Daenerys this week because she is beautiful, smart, strong, and she has dragons. I have dragons also, but mine are collectibles made of glass and ceramic and wood.

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