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Showtime’s Homeland #307 “Gerontion”

Who Done it
By Catherine Giordano
Lockhart, Saul, and Dar talk sbout who done what
on Showtime's Homeland

It’s who done it time at Showtime’s Homeland, episode 307, titled “Gerontion, which aired on 11/10/13. Who or what is “Gerontion”? It’s the title of a poem by T. S. Eliot and is Greek for “little old man.”  (Click Here to read the poem.) In this review and recap of the show, we’ll try to get straight on who done what to whom.

When Saul and Javadi are having a little chat about how Javadi is going to become Saul’s asset again, Saul tells Javadi we are two old men. Saul wants to have someone high in the Iranian government whispering in his ear (so to speak). He used blackmail to get Javadi to agree, but then just for insurance, he used an emotional appeal. “We are just two old men who want what is best for our country,” he told Javadi. Saul believes that what is best for Iran is for Javadi to deliver secrets to him so he can bring down Iran’s corrupt government. Or something like that. It is hard to tell.

Has Saul done it?  Has he convinced Javadi to be a traitor to his country?  It’s a risky proposition, so only time will tell. It the “let’s–go-out-a-limb-and-hope-that-it-all-doesn’t-come-crashing-down” moment of the week.

What Saul has done is make an enduring enemy of Senator Lockhart. When the Senator forces Saul to tell him what he has been up to, Lockhart is furious.  He can’t believe that the CIA had Javadi and then let him go. He rushes to phone the president to stop Javadi from leaving the country. Saul and Dar Adal, who was in the meeting, but not part of the operation to turn Javadi, lock the senator in a conference room with no connection to the outside world. When Javadi has left American airspace, Saul off-handedly tells someone that Lockhart has gotten himself locked into a conference room and someone should call facilities to get him out. That little stunt could mean Saul is done at the CIA, or it could mean that he has to stay on to manage his valuable asset.  Only time will tell.

The police want to know who killed Javadi’s ex-wife and daughter in law. Carrie has told them it is classified, but they are not satisfied. They want to know “who done it.”  So Quinn, who was caught on a neighbor’s security camera--the only one caught on camera-- confesses that he did it. There is no arrest because it was part of a CIA classified operation. After he confesses, Quinn tells Carrie that confession is good for the soul. He has done so many other killings that even though he did not do these killings, it feet good just to confess. He is burned out and wants out of the CIA. Will he leave? Only time will tell.

The big who-done-it is who bombed the CIA? Javadi tells Carrie that it was not Brody; it was one of Azir’s men. Is he telling the truth?  Only time will tell. But Carrie wants to believe it and so she does. She asks Quinn not to quit the CIA until she can prove Brody’s innocence.

We know one thing Carrie has done. She has gotten knocked up. But who done it to her?  No information on that yet. I continue to believe that it was Brody, and that she was in contact with him sometime in the last two to three months.

And what has Mira done? She’s had sex with her old friend. Saul calls her after the deed is done, but while Mira’s lover is still there. Saul is flush with his victory over Javadi and Lockhart and wants to make it a hat trick. Saul tells Mira that he has not given up on their marriage. He is going to work to win her back. He may be just a little late with that plea. Only time will tell.
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And now I have this post is done.  Stay tuned next week. 

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